Implement TikTok Online Conversions API with Taghash

TikTok Conversions API (CAPI) is a structured, privacy-centric interface that allows you to pass website, application, and offline events to TikTok via a Server-to-Server (S2S) integration. This integration helps our systems to optimize your Ad campaigns, and improve the way you target and measure Conversions derived from your TikTok Campaigns.  

For easy optimization of your Ad Campaigns and for an enhanced ability to build your audiences, we highly recommend that you set up both TikTok Conversions API and the Pixel together.  

There are two major steps to achieving this:

  • Generating and providing the ‘Access Token’ of your TikTok Business Manager account to Taghash.
  • Sharing access of the TikTok Business Manager to Taghash for final QA checks. This includes adding – ‘’ in your Ad manager and sharing the Pixel Id Access by Assigning Permissions. 

For TikTok Pixel Enhancement, the team at Datahash will require access to the TikTok Business Manager (Admin). You also need to be the Admin of your Business Manager account to successfully complete these steps.  

Generating the Pixel Id:

  • Click on TikTok Conversion API in the Taghash dashboard.
  • Copy the Pixel ID highlighted in red in the image below.
  • Paste the Website Pixel ID in the space provided in the Taghash TikTok Conversions API Destination Connector.

Generating the ‘Access Token’

  • In TikTok Ads manager, go to Setting within the ‘Assets’ category.
  • Click on Generate Access Token.  
  • In your Taghash Dashboard, paste the Access Token.
  • Click on Validate and Finish.

Access Sharing:

This includes 2 steps. First is adding in your Ads Business Centre and second is sharing permissions to access the Pixel ID.

Adding Taghash as a user:

Go to your Business Centre and click the Members on the navigation bar on the left.

  • Click Next and Done.
  • Click on Skip or Confirm and your invitation will be sent.


Sharing Permissions to access the Pixel ID:

  • Go to your TikTok Business Centre and Click Members on the navigation bar to the left.
  • Select the member you want to assign the Ad account to.
  • Click on the Assign to Assets option. 
  • All your ad accounts will be displayed to the left with the permissions displayed on the right.
  • Select the Ad account you wish to assign, and choose the permission level.
  • Click on Assign Asset which will Assign the Pixel Access to Datahash.  

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