Harness First-Party Data to Grow LinkedIn Ads ROAS

Deliver value in an evolving world of marketing optimization, data analytics, personalisation and user privacy.

LinkedIn Conversions API

Robust and comprehensive server-to-server first-party data solutions
to maximise ROAS on LinkedIn Ads


Safeguard against cookie-loss, Ad-blockers, connectivity loss


Unlock the offline impact of online ads by tracking deep-funnel data

Compliant Tracking

Compliant with GDPR and CCPA data usage regulations

Datahash as a Solution

Optimize your marketing efficiency with first-party data delivered to you in a quick and compliant way

Easy Setup

No code, self serve setup with minimal IT dependence

Data Security

Irreversible SHA256 encryption and No data stored

Delivering Value for Volume

Capability to auto-scale without the need for a manual upgrade

Easy Implementation

With an efficient no-code setup, choose the integration you need and setup within 15 minutes!


Web Conversion API

  • Collection of user event data from your website to LinkedIn.
  • Continued Optimization of event data without the need for
    browser IDs.

Pre-requisite access :
Domain manager access, Tag manager access, LinkedIn Ads Manager

Steps to Implement

Select the encrypted first-party data points to be sent from Website to LinkedIn (choose more data points for better match quality)

‌Set-up the event tracking tag on the website either using NeoTag or replace your current base pixel code with the new dhPixel code

Select LinkedIn Ad Account ID and map the conversion rules with the events which need to be tracked

Offline Conversion API

  • Collection of user event data from offline sources to LinkedIn
  • Track offline conversions data to measure returns on Ad spends
  • Increase realization on Ad spends with accurate first-party tracking

Pre-requisite access :
IT Team –  Data export process from CRM/Offline Data warehouses to any file server location, LinkedIn Ads Manager

Steps to Implement

Select a file data source like AWS S3/GCP/File FTP or a CRM to capture offline conversions data.

Provide mapping for required data points to set-up the integration

Select LinkedIn Offline Conversion API in Destinations. Authenticate with your LinkedIn Ads account and set-up conversion rules tracking to complete the integration.

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