Marketers Measure Success Differently Owing to Data Privacy Updates

There could not be a better time to be an online marketer. The world of marketing is evolving at a fast pace. As per reports, 80% of marketers lead their customer experience initiatives across the business, while 94% of marketers globally view the marketing function as critical to drive growth.  

A recent report by Salesforce studied over 2,500 global marketing professionals along with their businesses. The report revealed that marketers today are under pressure to optimize and prove their marketing ROI in a tough environment of digital privacy policy. All this while also keeping with the constant operating challenge of organizing and accessing quality data.

Today, marketers aspire to build a cross-channel view that provides a holistic view while enabling speed to insight and rapid decisions at the pace of their business. Reports show that marketers rely on data to inform and create personalized, trusted customer experience – all of which is directed to maximize ROI.  

Privacy Changes Have Led to A Significant Shift in Marketing Strategies & Investments

In the last couple of years, data privacy regulations – GDPR, Apple Mail Privacy Protection, and the deprecation of third-party cookies by Google have pushed marketers to adopt a consent-based route to collecting data. 90% of marketers agree that recent data privacy changes have fundamentally changed how they measure marketing performance.

Focus on Data Quality

Marketers need to know that they can rely on the data being collected to drive outcomes. Four In five marketers indicate that data quality is crucial to driving marketing-led growth and customer experiences.  

But not everyone has access to a reliable data foundation nor the ability to unlock it. Marketers say employee resources and manual data integration are top challenges in efficiently evaluating performance. Though marketers are investing in analytics technology, only 51% of marketing teams currently have employees dedicated to analytics, according to the marketing report.

A Centralized View of Data

Reports suggest that 98% of marketers emphasize the importance of having a complete, centralized view across all cross-channel marketing. Marketers are required to integrate data across business units and sources while also being able to generate and deliver value. A unified data view allows marketers to lead growth in their organizations while engaging with customers.

  1. 90% of marketers plan to either increase or maintain investments in marketing analytics
  2. 88% of marketers plan to either increase or maintain investments in customer data platforms
  3. 87% of marketers plan to either increase or maintain investments in real-time interaction and personalization  

Source Credit: Salesforce

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