Explore the true potential of first-party data

No-code implementation
Multi-channel Integration
Fast self-serve set-up

Built to deliver measurable progress in your marketing efforts

Optimize your marketing efficiency with first-party data delivered to you in a quick and compliant way

Maximize your ROAS

Increase realization on Ad spends with accurate first-party tracking

Compliant Data Tracking

Compliant with GDPR and CCPA data usage regulations

Privacy and Security

Irreversible SHA-256 encryption with no data storage

Unlock value from first-party data compliantly

Fast Onboarding

Enable first-party data within minutes

Zero IT dependence – Designed for No or minimum tech intervention

Assisted onboarding – Seamless process assisted by the experts

Minimize Data Loss

Benefit from accurate first-party data tracking

Dual Setup – Both Pixel & CAPI tracking enabled simultaneously

De-duplication – Enables de-duplication of data by Ad platforms

Managed for Scale

Capability to auto-scale without the need for a manual upgrade

Smart Scaling – Fully automated handling of varying data volumes

Solves for Growth – Built for business growth and volume variations


Data Sources

Website: Future-proof your first party data signals on top of browser events across multiple domains

Mobile App: Sync the first-party data signals of your mobile application events

E-commerce: Achieve enhanced visibility on user activity across leading e-commerce platforms

CRM : Integrate your offline conversion data with multiple ad ecosystems seamlessly.

File Data : Publish your offline data seamlessly from your most convenient data file source

Data Destinations

Web Conversion API : Take your first step to regulation compliant first-party data

App Conversion API : Enable effective marketing for mobile users

Offline Conversion API : Stay connected 24×7 without missing out on qualified leads & offline user event data

Custom Audience : Increase engagement through specific targeting

Extensive Coverage of Integrations


Web Conversion API

Custom Audience

Offline Conversion API

Google Ads

Enhanced Conversion API

Offline Conversions

Customer Match


Web Conversion API

App Conversion API

Custom Audience

Offline Conversion API


Web Conversion API

Custom Audience

Offline Conversion API

First Party Data Deployed Your Way​

Datahash Cloud

A turnkey SaaS product providing the most comprehensive yet easiest CAPI implementations done in 15 mins

Optimum Data Security:
Reinforced with data encryption, there is no data retained on the host server

Low-maintenance: One time post-implementation data check

Quick enablement: Instant easy access to first-party data within minutes

Datahash Core

Datahash Core is an enterprise ready-to-run SaaS product deployed locally on your server, behind your firewall providing you with complete data ownership

Absolute Data Ownership: You control your data with optimum data sovereignty

Single-tenant Solution: Data hosted on your server where you manage access roles & permissions with ease

Enhanced sense of security & privacy: Data encryption is ensured while at rest and in transit (TLS) and is GDPR & CCPA complaint by design

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