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Integration Features

Conversion API

Access compliant first-party data collected from web and mobile app

Custom Audience

Increase engagement through specific targeting

Offline Conversion API

Never miss out on qualified leads & offline user event data

Making Best Use of First-Party Data

with Datahash

Conversion API

Conversion API

‘Online Conversion API’ or ‘CAPI’ is a regulated server-to-server integration that allows marketers to send user event data from their source - website, application to any Ad platform in a secure compliant manner, without relying on third-party cookies.

Datahash Conversion API

Carry out CAPI implementations in less than 15-minutes with zero dependence on your IT team! 

Increased accuracy, reliability, and relevance to how first-party data is collected 

Online CAPI gives you enhanced accuracy over first-party data collection reliably 

Secures user privacy and data protection

Be 100% in compliance with GDPR and CCPA regulations – ensuring the data retrieved is secure and protected

Builds trust with customers 

Build an enhanced sense of trust with your brand and customers through an improved marketing efficiency 

Optimum control over data 

Online CAPI gives you the ability to have complete control over the data pipeline 


Custom Audience

Custom Audience

‘Custom Audience’ is a solution that helps marketers categorise and target users by creating segments based on various characteristics, for instance - demographics, user behaviour, action points

Datahash Custom Audience

With Datahash, target high-value users via multiple channels to drive purchases or engagement

Target and segment your customers with laser-like precision 

The ability to carry out effective targeting and segmenting of customers 

The ability to explore and market to customers based on where they are placed within the marketing funnel 

Leverage the power to effective targeting by deriving maximum value from running direct ads to customers who need to see them the most.  

Focus budget and boost profits with audience exclusions      

The inference from how users interact with your advertisement will make room for a more focused approach toward marketing efficiencies

Offline Conversion API

Offline Conversion API

‘Offline CAPI’ is a solution that allows a marketer to access and accurately track offline events like store visits or purchases that happen even after a user sees or interacts with your ad.

Datahash Offline Conversion API

Use Datahash to connect your offline systems
Use Datahash to connect your offline systems

Enhanced tracking of sales events when offline 

Benefit from tracking user events and conversion data when it happens offline 

Choose and scale your best-performing ads 

Use offline conversion tracking to understand which Ads generate more sales 

Ability to monitor and evaluate marketing efforts effectively 

Use offline conversion tracking to calculate the ROAS on other online marketing channels  

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Web Conversion API

Custom Audience

Offline Conversion API

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Web Conversion API

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Offline Conversion API


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Web Conversion API

Custom Audience

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