How to Set-up Google Customer Match on Datahash

What is Google Customer Match?  

Customer Match is an advertising tool that helps you make the most of your own data. Customer Match helps you reach these customers, re-engage with them, and find new customers like them across Search, Shopping, Gmail, YouTube, and Display.

Destination Setup on Taghash  

Step 1 : Click on Google Customer Match. Click on Sign in with Google. Click Continue.  

Note : People with Google Ads Standard/Admin access can do this step only.

Step 2 : Enter Customer Id and Developer Token. Click on Validate and Finish.  

Where can I find MCC customer id or customer id?  

1) Go to your google ads account.

2) Open account for which you want to implement Google Ads Enhanced Conversions.

*It can be an MCC account or any child account.Take customer id of account where your google ads conversions are present.

Access Sharing  

  1. Open Google Ads Account. Click on Tools & settings and Open Access & Security

2. Click on the Add button.

3. Provide us Standard level access to

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