How to Set-Up APP GTM on Datahash

How to Set Up APP GTM on Datahash  

● The implementation of Tag Manager for mobile apps works in tandem with the Firebase SDK. Google Tag Manager uses Google Analytics for Firebase’s events, params, and user properties as its input.

● Publishing an app with GTM for mobile allows you to continually update configurations and add analytics and another tracking later without having to update your app. As explained below, you have to do is create a container and publish new versions of your changes through GTM for Mobile.

Source Setup on Taghash

  1. Click on ‘App Google Tag Manager’ in the Data Source section.

2. Enter your subdomain and click ‘Proceed.’

3. Copy mentioned DNS entries and map them with your subdomain in DNS manager. Click on ‘Finish.’

Access Sharing

1. Go to Google Tag Manager App

2. Select your Web Container

3. Go to the Admin Section

4. Click on User Management.

5. Enter the Email “” and Tick On ‘Edit Level Access.’  Click ‘Invite.’ 

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