How to send Offline Data to Meta using Taghash

Facebook offline conversions lets businesses leverage their offline events data – such as in-store purchases, over-the-phone bookings and qualified leads – to help power their digital campaigns.

Businesses can connect their CRM (customer relationship management) databases or POS (point of sale) systems to their Facebook account in order to track offline events that aren’t captured by the Facebook pixel or SDK.

Offline conversions are any valuable actions that you know have been impacted by your ad investment, but can’t be tracked by traditional conversion tracking.

Actions tracked may include:

  • Trial to paying customer
  • Completed enrollment
  • Funded deals.
  • In-store purchases.

Destination Setup on Taghash 

 Step 1 : Click Meta Offline Conversions API as Data Destination.  

Step 2 : Offline events setup can be done via Offline Event Set ID or DataSet ID

1) Setup using Offline Event Set ID 

  •  Select Offline Event Set ID.
  • Enter Business Manager ID, Event Set ID and Access Token.  

2) Setup using Dataset ID  

  •  Select Dataset ID.

Enter Dataset ID, Web Pixel ID and Access tokens. 

  • Click on Finish.

 Where can I find a Business Manager ID? 

  1. Go to your Click on Business Settings.
  2. Copy business id from page url as mentioned in screenshot. 

 Where can I find an Offline Event Set ID? 

  •  Go to Events Manager. Click on Data Sources.
  • Select your offline pixel and Go to Settings. Copy Offline Event Set Id. 

How to generate Access token for Offline Event Set ID? 

Click here to refer to our document on how to generate Access Token for Facebook Offline Event set id. 

How can I get a pixel Id or dataset Id?  

 Go to Events Manager. Click Data Sources.

  • Select your web pixel or dataset > Go to Settings > Copy Web Pixel Id and Dataset ID. 

 How to generate an Access token for Dataset ID / Pixel ID? 

  •  Select your pixel id > Go to settings > Click on Generate Access Token. 

 Access Sharing 

  •  Go to Business Settings > Click on people. 
  • Click on Pixels > Select pixels that you want to give access to > Click Invite. 

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