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Meta Conversion Leads with Datahash


The guide provides an overview on the two important steps required to integrate Meta Conversion Leads using Datahash.

The guide includes the following two main parts:

  1. Sync leads from Meta Lead Ads (Instant Form) to CRM: Connecting Meta Lead form as data source Connector to CRM using Datahash helps sync leads that are generated from Meta Lead Ads using Instant Forms. This ensures that important lead information is captured in your CRM system for follow-up and nurturing.

    2. Track lead events from CRM to Meta Conversion Leads: Connecting CRM to Meta Conversion Leads via Conversions API using Datahash helps track and sync lead funnel events (status updates) back to Meta . This enables you to track lead conversion and optimize your lead generation effort leading to better quality of leads.

Follow this process to streamline your lead management process as you avoid the need for developer resources that would otherwise be required for manual integration. Datahash provides fast no-code implementation to achieve this goal.

How it Works:
  1. Implement Meta Lead Ads using Instant forms in your Meta Ad Manager
  2. Implement lead generation sync from Meta Lead Ads to your preferred CRM, ensuring Meta Lead ID is also captured
  3. Sales team of business follows-up with the leads and updates status.
  4. Status updates get tracked in Conversion Leads through Conversions API
  5. Conversions API tracking enables optimisation of Lead Ads to improve lead quality

  • Business is using Facebook Lead Ads (Instant Forms) for lead generation
  • Business has set-up CRM to capture the Meta Lead ID of the generated leads
  • Generating at least 250 leads per month, uploading data regularly
  • Capturing the full Lead funnel cycle status

Implementation Steps (Click on the step you want to implement to access the guide):

Part 1: Connecting Meta Lead Ads (Instant Forms) to CRM to sync leads

    Step 1: Set-up Meta Lead Ads as data source for leads

    Step 2: Set-up CRM (e.g. Salesforce) as data destination for leads

Part 2: Connecting CRM to Meta Conversion Leads through Conversions API to sync lead status update events

    Step 1: Set-up CRM (e.g. Salesforce) as data source for lead events

    Step 2: Set-up Conversion Leads as data destination for lead events


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