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LinkedIn Web Conversions API


LinkedIn Conversions API creates a direct connection between marketing data from an advertiser’s server and LinkedIn. This enables advertisers to measure the performance of their LinkedIn marketing campaigns no matter where the conversion happens and use this data to power campaign optimization. Conversions API can help strengthen performance and decrease cost per action with more complete attribution, improved data reliability, and better optimized delivery.

Source Set-up

Website data source is the most common event source that can be used to track user actions on the website. Website data source tracks user actions and hashed user data which can be sent to multiple types of data destinations such as Ad platforms for targeting and campaign optimization, analytics, and marketing automation tools.

Destination Set-up

LinkedIn Conversions API destination is set up by authenticating the LinkedIn Ads account. Once done, there are conversion rules that are required to be mapped which the user would have created in their LinkedIn Ads account.

  • Datahash account login with Website source and LinkedIn Conversions API destinations connectors enabled
  • Access to Domain Manager of your website domain for setting up a new sub-domain
  • Access to Google Tag Manager or website code to implement the website tags
  • LinkedIn Ads Manager Account with access to Ad account and conversion rules created in the LinkedIn Ads account

This document will guide you through the implementation of LinkedIn Conversions API (CAPI) through your website as a data source.

Implementation of LinkedIn Conversions API (Web CAPI) includes the following three steps:


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