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Manage Conversions for Tracking

LinkedIn Conversions API is set-up by mapping conversion actions with the web events and are mapped to Ad campaigns for optimisation. The guide below will help understanding how to create conversions in LinkedIn Campaign Manager and link them to the campaigns.

Create Conversion
  1. Log in to LinkedIn Campaign Manager https://www.linkedin.com/campaignmanager/login
  2. You will land on the campaign management screen under a pre-selected ads account.

    In order to change the Ad account, click on the Ad account name dropdown in the left navigation bar and select the desired Ad account.
  3. After selecting the Ad account, click on “Analyze” top expand the navigation and then navigate to “Conversion Tracking”.
  4. Click on ‘Create conversion’ CTA to open the dropdown and then click ‘Conversions API’ option

    Note: If you are creating the conversion for the first time, this is how your screen will look like. Else, list of already created conversions will be shown.
  5. Define the rules of the conversion as shown in the image below like conversion name, key behavior and value. Once done, click “Next Step”.
  6. Choose ‘Direct API’ as the source to create conversion

  7. In the next screen, you can associate the conversion created with the campaigns you want to track. Select the campaigns and click on “Next Step”.
  8. You can see the newly create conversion action in the Conversion tracking list.

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