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Implementation Guide: TikTok Events API for Offline Events


This comprehensive resource is designed to assist marketers in integrating and utilizing the TikTok Events API for Offline Events effectively using Datahash.


TikTok’s Offline Events API enables advertisers to gauge the impact of TikTok ads on offline customer activities, such as in-store purchases, offline subscriptions, and other forms of offline engagement. This process of associating both online and offline events is crucial for advertisers as it allows them to effectively measure comprehensive outcomes across various channels resulting from their campaigns while upholding privacy standards through compliant first-party data integration. 

Datahash TikTok Offline Events API integration allows you to send hashed and encrypted offline conversion events to TikTok through a privacy complaint first party data server to server integration where they can be matched against the ads shown to platform users. This gives you a way to monitor and optimize the effectiveness of your offline ad campaigns. 

Data shared through the TikTok Offline Events API becomes visible in TikTok Events Manager. Advertisers can use this data to power solutions like custom targeting, campaign optimization, and attribution etc. 

The guide includes the following two main parts: 

  • TikTok Business Account
  • TikTok Ad Account
    • TikTok Pixel
    • TikTok Access token


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