What are Offline Conversions

Offline Conversions is an advanced platform capability built for those marketers and businesses who use their Ad platform to drive leads and track conversions that may take place offline. To explain further, if your Ad was seen on Facebook and if the user comes to your website – the lead is registered to your CRM, but the conversion or purchase may not take place immediately. It could be a real estate company, a grocery store, or even an auto dealership where the actual conversion or purchase takes place ‘Offline’ – over a follow-up telephonic call or at a physical store. 

Offline Conversions allows marketers to take sales data and pipe it back into their Ad manager so that it can be measured and inference can be derived from this on which campaigns turned into sales. 

 A few of the many benefits of Offline Conversions are…   

  • The ability to build an audience set to re-market 
  • Identify which prospects converted 
  • Improves Conversion Tracking without delay 
  • Detailed breakdowns of your demographics 
  • Great way to get insight into your data 

By tracking offline conversions, you can monitor how consumers move through your sales funnel. This enables you to improve the customer’s journey and even personalize it. For example, if you see buyers using your email coupon codes to make in-store purchases, then it’s a strategy worth keeping. Using the data from offline conversions can enhance the customer experience and potentially boost your sales. 


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