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Snapchat Offline Conversions API


Snapchat Offline Conversions API is a tool that enables businesses to track and measure the impact of their Snapchat ads on offline sales and other business outcomes. It allows businesses to connect their online ad campaigns on Snapchat to in-store purchases, phone orders, or other offline conversions, by syncing their customer data with Snapchat’s ad platform.


Snap Offline Conversions API helps improve returns on Ad spends (ROAS) through the following capabilities:

  • Connect online ad campaigns to offline sales and other business outcomes.
  • Measure the real-world impact of Snapchat ads on business results.
  • Optimize ad targeting, creative, and messaging for better engagement and ROI.
  • Improve the effectiveness of overall marketing efforts.

  • Access to offline datasource e.g. FTP, AWS, or GCP file source
  • Access to Snapchat Business Manager to obtain Pixel ID and Access token
  • Offline events enabled on the Pixel ID

The set up of Snap Offline Conversions API (CAPI) comprises of below 2 steps:

Step 1: Set-up Offline Events Source

Step 2: Set-up Snap Offline Conversions API (CAPI) data destination


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