What is Omni-channel Marketing?

Omnichannel marketing is the seamless integration of messaging; online and offline touchpoints as consumers move down the sales funnel, enabling a more impactful customer experience. This could include physical (stores) and digital channels (websites).

John Bowden, Senior VP of Customer Care at Time Warner Cable describes ‘Omni-channel Marketing.’ He says: “Multi-channel is an operational view – how you allow the customer to complete transactions in each channel. Omni-channel, however, is viewing the experience through the eyes of your customer, orchestrating the customer experience across all channels so that it is seamless, integrated, and consistent. Omni-channel anticipates that customers may start in one channel and move to another as they progress to a resolution.  Making these complex ‘hand-offs’ between channels must be fluid for the customer.  Simply put, omnichannel is multi-channel done right!”  

Access to first-party data is crucial to omnichannel marketing

The ability to collect accurate, regulation-compliant first-party data via secure mediums can elevate a brand’s omnichannel strategy. This data allows you to understand when your target audience prefers to interact with brands and across which devices, the kind of messaging they respond to and engage with, and the products and features they are most interested in.

Omnichannel marketing campaigns are more successful with accurate first-party data. Also, you have a better chance of organizing your efforts to target specific buyers and reach them personally and effectively.    

Why is Omnichannel important?

The world of advertising and marketing is advancing, the third-party cookie demise has further changed the dynamic of how data was being collected and used. Privacy and compliance have taken priority and within this fast-paced world, having an integrated omnichannel strategy will help you design unique experiences for your brand irrespective of the platform.  Also, consistent interactions can lead to better customer experiences. And better customer experiences—combined with more engagement opportunities across channels—can result in more conversions.  

Third, omnichannel elevates your brand by being able to reach the right customers at the correct time and this can lead to optimized media spending and an increased ROI.  

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