What is Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking helps you understand how your customers engage with your business and take desirable actions, whether signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase.

  • A Conversion is a customer action aligned with the goals of your marketing or advertising campaigns.
  • Conversion tracking is the monitoring of conversions to assess the success of your campaigns.
  • Tracking Conversions can maximize your ROI, inform your budget, identify improvement areas, and distinguish clicks from conversions.

For instance, you’ve recently wrapped up a marketing campaign that did not produce results. You take a different approach, but that fails. Instead of randomly trying another style, let conversion tracking show you where your strengths and weaknesses lie.  With this, you can easily determine whether your advertising campaigns are leading to your desired goals.  

Conversion tracking can be described as the monitoring of conversions or consumer actions that move your company closer to fulfilling a goal. For instance – actions can include a customer buying an item, adding to a cart, opening emails, clicking on links, landing pages, and more. The metrics indicate how well your company’s marketing efforts are achieving the desired outcome.  

Conversion tracking works by putting numbers to your marketing campaigns’ results. Through conversion tracking, you’ll learn how many people in your audience are contacting your company, subscribing to your mailing list, or buying your products.

Conversion tracking is most commonly used in advertising and email marketing campaigns, though you can apply it to any campaign involving clickable links that direct your audience toward a desired end goal.

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