Third party cookie

Third-party cookies are small pieces of data that websites store in your web browser, but they aren’t created by the website you’re visiting. Instead, these cookies come from other websites or services that have elements on the site you’re browsing, like ads or social media buttons. Their purpose is to track your online behavior across various websites, collecting information about your preferences, interests, and activities.
For example, if you visit an online store, a third-party cookie might be placed in your browser by an advertising company. Later, when you visit a news website, the same advertising company can use that cookie to recognize you and show you ads related to the products you viewed on the online store.
While these cookies have been essential for personalized advertising, they have raised privacy concerns. Many web browsers are now phasing out third-party cookies to enhance user privacy, shifting toward alternative methods that respect user data while still allowing businesses to reach their target audience effectively.