Process Of Effective Lead Scoring

The process in finding a viable consumer and  seek attention of consumer to onboard , this can done in two ways

1)implicit Is nothing but recording data of your site visitors  in the form of cookies  

2) Explicit  this is  done by collecting the  data of consumer like phone no and mails ids , this lead scoring may help in marketing a product with respect to age , gender etc . Some the advantages of lead scoring are like sales and marketing alignment  , increase in revenue generation , correct marketing Campaigns ,  the following are the steps involved in a effective lead sourcing 

  • Define Lead Criteria: In order to define the criteria to potential lead a close shoulder with marketing and sales team is  essential 
  • Assign Point Values: Record  Scores each lead criterion based on its importance and relevance to your business
  • Behavioral Tracking: Monitor the behavior of the leads while visiting your website
  • Lead Source: Based on the scores obtained  source the lead  likely to be a customer and provide them webinar and demos 
  • Negative Scoring: Providing negative scores to leads with lack interest by monitoring acts like unsubscribing  emails etc
  • Integrate with CRM: Customer resource management system provides valuable  data of customers so it would be great to integrate CRM with  your lead  sourcing  application or method .