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Implementation Guide: TikTok Events API for Online Events


This comprehensive resource is designed to assist marketers in integrating and utilizing the TikTok Events API effectively using Datahash.


The TikTok Events API offers marketers the ability to effortlessly incorporate TikTok’s advanced event-tracking features into their applications. This facilitates the acquisition of essential user engagement data and insights while upholding privacy standards through compliant first-party data integration. This approach not only optimizes and safeguards ROAS but also ensures enhanced privacy-first strategies, resulting in improved outcomes for advertisers.

The TikTok Events API destination is a server-to-server integration that allows advertisers to track website events and push them to TikTok using Datahash’s fast no-code implementation.

This affords advertisers the opportunity to leverage event data for a spectrum of purposes, including fuelling facilitating tailored targeting, refining campaign optimization etc, eventually leading to optimizing the Ad-spend (ROAS). The outcome of these endeavors is observable within TikTok’s Events Manager, where advertisers gain insights into their event data.

The guide includes the following three main parts:

  • TikTok Business Account
  • TikTok Ad Account
    • TikTok Pixel
    • TikTok Access token
  • Access to domain manager and GTM Account


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