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Meta Offline Conversions API


Facebook Offline Conversions enable you to upload your sales data to Facebook and match the transactions that take place offline with people who have seen or clicked on your Facebook ads. If there is a match, Facebook attributes the sale to your Facebook ads.


Meta Offline Conversions API helps improve returns on Ad spends (ROAS) through the following capabilities:

  • Reduce your cost per action as a result of improved connectivity.
  • Optimise ads for actions that happen later in the customer’s journey.
  • Improve measurement.
  • Reduce your cost per action as a result of increased event matching.
  • Increase data control.

  • Access to Meta Business Manager to obtain Dataset/Pixel ID and Access token
  • Dataset/Pixel created supporting offline events

The set up of Meta Offline Conversions API (CAPI) comprises of below 2 steps:

Step 1: Set-up Offline Events Source

Step 2: Set-up Meta Offline Conversions API (CAPI) data destination


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