Business Use Cases on how Custom Audiences can improve performance marketing

Case Study 1: E-Commerce Expansion

An MNC specializing in e-commerce aimed to expand its reach into international markets. They needed to identify potential customers who had previously interacted with their brand but had not made a purchase.

Solution – Custom Audience:
The marketing team used Custom Audiences to create segments of users who had visited their website, added items to their cart, but abandoned their purchases. They then crafted highly targeted ad campaigns in the local languages of their target markets, specifically addressing these users.


  • Conversion rates increased by 30% in the targeted international markets.
  • ROI improved significantly due to reduced ad spend waste on non-engaged audiences.
  • The company successfully expanded its presence in multiple new markets.

Case Study 2: B2B Lead Generation

A global B2B MNC wanted to generate high-quality leads for its complex industrial machinery products. They needed a way to reach decision-makers in specific industries.

Solution – Custom Audience:
The marketing team utilized Custom Audiences to identify and segment professionals who had interacted with their product pages, attended webinars, or downloaded industry-specific whitepapers. They then created tailored content and ad campaigns addressing the unique pain points of each industry.


  • Lead acquisition costs decreased by 25% as campaigns were highly targeted.
  • The company achieved a 20% increase in qualified leads.
  • Conversion rates for industry-specific landing pages improved significantly.

Case Study 3: Personalized Customer Loyalty

A well-established MNC in the hospitality sector wanted to enhance customer loyalty by providing personalized offers and experiences to its frequent guests.

Solution – Custom Audience:
The marketing team employed Custom Audiences to segment guests who had previously stayed at their properties multiple times. They then crafted personalized email campaigns offering exclusive loyalty rewards, room upgrades, and tailored experiences based on guests’ preferences.


  • Guest retention rates increased by 15%, leading to higher customer lifetime value.
  • Positive customer reviews and referrals surged due to enhanced guest experiences.
  • The MNC saw a boost in direct bookings, reducing reliance on third-party booking platforms.

These business use cases showcase how Custom Audiences can be a powerful tool in a marketing arsenal, enabling highly targeted and personalized campaigns that drive engagement, conversions, and customer loyalty.