What is Conversions API?

The dramatic unfolding of regulation on data privacy, the deprecation of third-party cookies, and Google’s plan to delay the release of Privacy Sandbox and the phase-out of third-party cookies to 2024 have left us with questions about the true value add of First Party Data and Conversions API – its role and application.  

While there is extensive focus on user privacy – the most terrifying aspect of the third-party cookie demise is the loss of tracking with the Browser Pixel. We are fast approaching an end of an era where digital tracking was easy, and now we are introduced to Conversions API (CAPI) that can help make our digital efforts successful.

CAPI is a server-side tool that allows you to share customer actions from your server, website, or CRM directly to the Ad platform. It works alongside pixels to help you improve the performance, measurement, and data collection of your Ad campaigns. With CAPI you can see how users interact with your website and use this data to customize and optimize advertisements.  

The first thing CAPI offers marketers is transparency and control over data while still having the ability to provide a personalized experience. This is then shared with the Ad platform’s server and the person will still be able to send data despite cookie blocking. CAPI also gives you a broader view of your data as compared to just the pixel. In addition, data exchange via CAPI is also more reliable than only browser-based methods.

You won’t be able to show Ads that are relevant to your customers unless you don’t implement a solution that isn’t solely reliant on cookies.  

To read more on how Datahash can help enable First-party data with Conversion API, click here.  

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