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Step 2: Set up TikTok Custom Audience Data Destination

Set-up Process

The process to setup the TikTok Custom Audience is detailed below. The Setup process is same for both type of connection modes.

  1. Go to the Datahash dashboard and locate the Destinations card. Look for Events API under TikTok and click on it
  1. Click on the “Continue with TikTok” button. This will open a new window prompting you to log in to your Facebook account

3.Log in to your TikTok for Business account

4.Select the necessary permissions and click “Confirm”

5.You will be redirected back to the Datahash dashboard

6.Choose the specific TikTok Advertiser ID you want to proceed with. Select the associated Event Set ID

7.Opt-in for limited data usage: It is a feature to give businesses more control over how their event data is used in TikTok’s systems. In order to help facilitate advertiser’s compliance with the right to opt out of sale and sharing of personal data under certain U.S. state privacy laws. The feature will be available in California, Virginia, Colorado, Connecticut, and Utah.

8.Select “Yes” to opt in and “No” to opt out

9.Click Finish to complete the set-up.

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