What is Datahash, exactly?

We’re all surrounded by data. Right from social media likes to big data analytics. With this sudden splurge there are multiple data-points as well that have come up. But a lot of companies are not sure of how to use this data to their benefit. Multiple data points become confusing and hamper efficient decision making at multiple business levels too.  Here is where Datahash comes in the picture. We’re an innovative, new company from the stables of Tatvic Analytics focusing specifically on Web and Mobile App Analytics, Marketing Technology setup and Cloud Data Infrastructure.

By identifying data points and analytical benchmarks that are most relevant to your brand, we help you pin-point the right problems. This helps you to take the right outcome-oriented business decisions that give payoffs you can see for yourself.

Datahash actively worked with our operating company in Myanmar, Ooredoo Myanmar Limited (OML). Their team helped OML in collecting & correcting analytics data and instrumenting multiple dashboards in CleverTap. 

The entire team of Datahash designed data-backed campaigns and push notification journeys in CleverTap, that helped OML achieve their early revenue targets in just 6 months.


With big businesses, what often becomes a problem is the scale of data and it’s data points. With this, we often confuse the wrong problem based on a specific solution which creates dissonance. 

Datahash helps you pinpoint specific problems based on data, in a nutshell. Based on these problems we help you figure out actionable solutions that can get your business concrete results.


Understanding the Problem = Half the Solution

The fast-paced nature of Data and Marketing Analytics means that something is changing literally every day. To meet those needs, we believe in keeping our teams updated constantly. You can be assured that we’re sitting right on top of whatever new is happening today.

Any Problem ≠ Standard Solution

With continual knowledge sharing, skill-building and training, our people are extremely equipped to handle today’s problems with today’s solutions.


Tatvic Analytics is one of the very few companies across the world that has certifications of Google Marketing Platform as well as Google’s Cloud Platform.

Datahash derives its resources & expertise from Tatvic Analytics & we are fully equipped to enable your business to leverage the capabilities of both the platforms symbiotically for your company.

You can go through an inkling of the same by browsing through what our happy clients have to say in our testimonial section.


We want to drive effective decision making for our customers by identifying applicable data points for objective and outcome-oriented business results.


We want to empower businesses in identifying the right problems and helping them address them through data-driven solutions.

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