What is the Salesforce CRM Connector?

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that is designed to help marketers sell, service, analyze and connect with customers. Integrating Taghash with Salesforce allows you to import leads, audience and events data to merge your CRM data with rich behavioral data from other sources to gain a more complete view of your customers.

With the Salesforce CRM integration on Taghash, you can now engage your users on any channel based on their status in your sales cycle. Integrate Salesforce with cloud applications and relational databases via Taghash. Load Salesforce Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Attachments, Accounts, custom objects, etc. directly to/from major cloud and on-premise data sources or synchronize data in both directions with the help of Taghash. Powerful mapping settings allows you to load and synchronize Salesforce data with sources having different data structure. You can schedule your Salesforce ETL operations to execute it automatically.   


Integration scenarios

  • ‌Synchronize Facebook Leads in Salesforce CRM and Optimize your campaign on the leads
  • Create Custom Audience basis different leads stages and Optimize your ROAS
  • Synchronize Offline events data in Salesforce CRM and optimize your digital campaigns

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