Measuring the Offline Impact of your Snap campaigns

Omnichannel: Where Online and Offline Shopping Collide

The omnichannel world is here to stay, and it's changing the way we shop! Today the shopping journey is increasingly beginning online & ending in store. Acc. to a recent report - 59% of total retail sales in the US are now digitally influenced.

Omnichannel Challenges for Marketers

With more than half of total retail sales in the US now digitally influenced, the omnichannel is definitely revolutionizing the shopping experience in a seamless & integrated manner. But Omnichannel also brings in some major challenges for marketers:

Complexity of tracking offline conversions

Missed retargeting opportunity

Attribution difficulties for Offline purchases

Offline Conversion Tracking : The Missing Link in Marketing Measurement

With such complexities, only a handful of marketers are accurately able to measure offline conversions from online ads. This leads to a lack of visibility into which channels and campaigns are most effective at driving these offline conversions which, in turn, leads to high Return-on-Ad Spend (ROAS).

Snap Offline CAPI is a solution to the problem of inaccurate reporting and attribution challenges. It allows businesses to integrate their online and offline systems so that they can track offline conversions from Snap campaigns.

Snap Offline CAPI : Key to Omnichannel

Snap Offline CAPI is a server-to-server integration that allows businesses to send offline conversion data tied with encrypted first-party data identifiers directly to Snap.  This data can then be used by Snap to report Offline ROAS and measure the true impact of your Digital Ads.

Easy Implementation with Datahash:

Whether you have a native CRM like Salesforce or HubSpot, a Custom in-house CRM or any other Database, you can use Datahash’s platform to finish Offline CAPI seamlessly.

Rich Data Sources CRM Connectors or Data Warehouse

In-built compliance All First-party data is hashed

No-code Go live in 2-3 days

Win Omnichannel with Snap offline CAPI

Snap Offline CAPI is the key to make your Snap Ad campaigns more relevant in this omnichannel world. Datahash can seamlessly integrate your Snap Ad Campaign with your CRM with minimal IT dependency thus maximising your marketing impact.