Looks good! Does it work?

Get your UX Audit done today & make your website more appealing!

A bunch of websites we look at these days, sweep us off the floor. We love a lot of websites that don’t mean that we buy from them, right? What is the reason behind it? Is there a lack of visual cues or textual Call-To-Action that is not getting users to navigate from one page to another?

It’s a tough question to answer, isn’t it?

For us at Datahash, not really. All we need is a link to your website. The next thing you get will be a comprehensive UX audit that tells you, in a nutshell, whether a user is having a good time or a hard time on your website.

We will also recommend what all can help your users glide through the interface. Once the navigation becomes smooth, your users won’t even realize what’s making them stay & interact and that’s exactly the point. As they say, good design is transparent!

UX Audit in a Nutshell

Evaluate Your UXCreated with Sketch.

Evaluate Your UX

You don’t really know how well your User Experience is working without tangible results. At Datahash, our team of experts will run exhaustive audits to bring forth the gaps in your UX.

Improve Conversion Rate Created with Sketch.

Improve Conversion Rate

You have a great looking website but you’re still struggling with conversions? Get us to run a methodological audit to find out more about the improvements you can make and in turn, improve conversions.

Pragmatic ApproachCreated with Sketch.

Pragmatic Approach

Sometimes being emotionally invested in a business can shadow its shortcomings. By having a third party like Datahash have a look on your website will give you a neutral and practical view of the business situation. Not just that, our UX-based recommendations coupled with other audits will give you actionable solutions for visible results.

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