Make Your TV Ads More Effective

It’s difficult to measure the ad impact of television in the same way as digital. As a result of this, a lot of advertisers may start to lose their faith in the power of TV and make a move to other digital channels that may not be as effective for them.

Our TV Ad Analytics solution hosted on Google Cloud Platform solves that very problem & ensures that marketers are able to measure the impact of their TV ads. Very simply put, this solution helps you track, measure TV Ad expenses versus its effectiveness and recommends ad spots most suitable to your needs. All of this is backed by hard numbers and thorough analysis.

What’s does TV Ad Analysis do?

Measure Return on Cost from TV Ad Campaigns

Optimize Cost of Acquisition

Maximize Impact on Brand Awareness

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How Datahash adds value?

Reliable Measurement Technique Created with Sketch.

Reliable Measurement Technique

For accurate analysis and benchmarking, Datahash uses critical historical data to arrive at specific acquisition metrics in focus.

Measure TV Ad CampaignsCreated with Sketch.

Measure TV Ad Campaigns

Through our Ad Analysis solution, you can pinpoint accurately the quantum of your revenue through offline channels such as TV.

Cost-Based Analysis Created with Sketch.

Cost-Based Analysis

By syncing it up with the cost data under Google Analytics you can measure the effective ROI of your TV Ad campaign.

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