Remarket Effectively to High Intent Users only!

With the advent of prediction, a shift in understanding human behaviour based on their digital footprint is underway. These predictive insights enable companies to delight their prospective customers with experiences tailored to their preferences.
PredictN is a Google Cloud Machine Learning powered, data-driven predictive analytics solution developed by Tatvic Analytics allowing businesses to get more conversions. With PredictN, we generate an audience segment with the highest probability of revisiting your website or eCommerce store within 7 days of their first visit. This data empowers you to effectively remarket your brand, create top-of-the-mind recall and get more conversions – all this with the bonus of reduced marketing spend. PredictN can be easily integrated into your website, web app or mobile application for predictive machine learning.

PredictN’s Proven Track Record:

>120% Increased Effectiveness in Remarketing Campaigns

PredictN Model Accuracy: 75% & higher

Upto 60% Reduction in Marketing Ad Cost

Enables proactive decision making


What PredictN can do for your business?

Reliable Data SourcesCreated with Sketch.

Reliable Data Sources

PredictN model uses your Google Analytics 360 account as its data source, hence you don’t have to worry about any discrepancies in the data while using this predictive analytics solution.

Automation of DataCreated with Sketch.

Automation of Data

We update the data and refresh your audience automatically every week. It is an extremely simple solution that requires no setup or customization from your end. Just log in and check for updates.

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Easy Adwords Integration

We allow the option to easily export custom Google Analytics audiences to your AdWords account. This way you can easily know your best audiences for retargeting campaigns.

Facebook Integration via APIsCreated with Sketch.

Facebook Integration via APIs

Amplify the power of your marketing campaigns by integrating Facebook and PredictN via APIs Get custom and accurate audience segment for the Facebook ad campaigns as well.

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