Prioritize the most valuable prospects & enrich the lower end of your funnel

Every company has prospects. But if you don’t have a way of prioritizing them, you are essentially putting all the leads under the same category. With Lead Scoring, you can track your prospects’ online behaviour and web activity to determine their level of interest in your solution so you can decide if they are worth pursuing or not.

Our Lead Scoring tool ranks prospects against a scale and assigns a perceived value to each lead. When you get leads based on the perceived interest level and behaviour, you can determine the most qualified leads to funnel down to sales through promotion, sales and marketing alignment.

What can you do with Lead Scoring?

Understand browsing habits through digital footprints

Effective remarketing to high intent users only

Predict the users’ behavior based on their current interaction

Create relevant activation strategies based on user behavior

Why does your business need lead scoring?

Lead scoring as an investmentCreated with Sketch.

Lead scoring as an investment

Lead scoring helps you make the most out of every lead that enters your pipeline as you can filter out unqualified leads and focus your resources on the leads most likely to result in sales.

Increase Your RevenueCreated with Sketch.

Increase Your Revenue

The lead scoring data can increase the success of your marketing campaigns. Focus on the right customers to drive ROI and gain insight into which leads are more likely to close.

Optimize Your ResourcesCreated with Sketch.

Optimize Your Resources

Strengthen the revenue lifecycle by aligning sales and marketing leads by improving their symbiotic relationship. Get optimum growth and boost productivity by optimizing your resources.

Boost Overall Team PerformanceCreated with Sketch.

Boost Overall Team Performance

Lead scoring streamlines the flow of leads, increase productivity, and efficiency in the marketing and sales team and simplifies processes so your teams can focus on what’s best.

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