Engage, Interact, & Get to Know Your Users Better!

As human beings, it’s difficult to get it right in the first attempt itself. There can be a few blips and bugs here in there in your code or UI/UX or content that are stopping your website from going max-out.

Google Optimize 360 & Datahash offers A/B testing, website testing & personalization modules for enterprises to help deliver engaging customer experiences. It uses Bayesian statistical methods to model the real-world performance of the experiments and deliver more accurate results. One can run A/B tests, multivariate tests, redirect URL tests and deploy server-side experiments easily with the help of a WYSIWYG editor. It has a reporting module to track and compare the performance of the variants vis-à-vis the original during and post-experiment. 

Optimize 360 is integrated with different Google solutions like export Analytics 360 audiences and personalize their website experience, build custom landing pages for Google Ads campaigns & keywords, power A/B testing on apps using Firebase.

What’s the Value in it?

Test Your Hypothesis

Experiment All You Want

Impact the Revenue Directly

Personalize your Users’ Experience based on their Intent

How datahash adds value?

Comprehensive UI-UX AuditsCreated with Sketch.

Comprehensive UI/UX Audits

Datahash team of UX experts first run a quick UI/UX Audit with you to understand your website. Based on these insights, A/B Testing modules are defined to zero in on what’s attractive for the user on your website.

Run Targeted ExperimentsCreated with Sketch.

Run Targeted Experiments

With the help of Google’s tools and our team of specialists, you can run targeted experiments on focused user groups. What’s more? The user can choose to stop an experiment at any time and you can manage your tests without hassles!

Reliable ReportingCreated with Sketch.

Reliable Reporting

Datahash keeps a close look at the everyday results & determines whether the experiment is working or needs tweaks. It is important to us that the experiments not hamper with your days tp day flow of things. This also gives you an idea of how certain things are impacting the business as a whole.

A-grade SupportCreated with Sketch.

A-grade Support

From start to finish! Datahash’s team of experts will help you strategize, design, implement and analyze your A/B Tests to give you actionable recommendations to play with.

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