Fish where the fish are!

Harness the power of Google Marketing Platforms’ Display and Video 360 along with Datahash’s team of experts.

 With Tatvic Analytics being an authorized partner for the Google Marketing Platform, you can be assured that you are given data-driven solutions so that your next marketing campaign is not an arrow shot in the dark.

 We’ve worked with marketing heavyweights in the past and helped them make the most of their spends. You can make the most of it too by making every cent count in your next marketing blitzkrieg.

What can you do with Display & Video 360?

Channel the Power of Machine Learning

Transparency in Media Buying Strategies

Get Unified View of your Users

Data-driven Attribution for assigning conversion credit

Extensive Campaign Audits


How does Datahash add value?

Overall Campaign ManagementCreated with Sketch.

Overall Campaign Management

From strategy to creative discourse to configurations, optimizations, and reporting, Datahash will take care of everything for you so you can take care of the bigger picture!

Razorsharp ReportingCreated with Sketch.

Razorsharp Reporting

By generating actionable reports on campaign performance Datahash along with the Google Marketing Platform will make sure you fine-tune your campaign for the next burst.

Efficient Data ManagementCreated with Sketch.

Efficient Data Management

With Google Cloud Services & raw data repositories in place, we can manage your campaign data effectively for future references and in-depth analysis.

Dedicated Resource ModelCreated with Sketch.

Dedicated Resource Model

Datahash gives you a dedicated team of campaign specialists, creative specialists, technical analysts and data scientists for extended support on your projects.

Training Created with Sketch.


While we handle everything for you, datahash also provides you training on the Display and Video 360 platform for ongoing and future media campaigns. This helps you stay on top of the latest in the industry you can implement for your marketing goals.

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