Dashboards That Talk

It’s difficult to go through mountain-tops of data through excel sheets, paragraphs, and complex data dashboards. The solution, you ask?

It’s Google Data Studio.

Spin all your website data into coherent infographics and visualisations through Google Data Studio. Datahash helps you exploit the full capabilities of this tool so that you can read, share & gather data that is customized specifically for your business.

What can you do with Google Data Studio?

Tell the story with your Data through these Dashboards

Pull in all your data in a single place - even the 3rd party data

Do Away With The Extra Codes


How does Datahash add value?

Dashboards that weave a storyCreated with Sketch.

Dashboards that weave a story

Datahash helps you connect multiple data sources under one roof with Data Studio so it’s easy to access and use. With our well planned, well-designed dashboards, we make it easy for your data to speak for itself.

Benchmarks that matter to you Created with Sketch.

Benchmarks that matter to you

Datahash with the leverage of Data Studio makes reporting as simple as drag and drop. With our team, you can derive useful values out of mathematical strings we provide to make your data edible.

Effortless Collaborations Created with Sketch.

Effortless Collaborations

In most cases, your company has teams working on specific projects. With options for multiple access, collaboration means just a few clicks.

Customize and Play! Created with Sketch.

Customize and Play!

Datahash with Google Analytics Data Visualisation makes your data stand out! Add logos, icons, text colors and anything else that you feel can make your data look as impactful as ever!

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