Build a better Mouse-Trap With Google Analytics Training for Corporates

Your analytics ecosystem is a beast in the making. Is your team ready to tackle the beast when it’s unleashed in its full glory?

In today’s era, new websites and companies are coming up within minutes. With the increasing competition in the marketing space and advertising immunity setting in, it’s become increasingly difficult to get noticed even with a bold value proposition.

Data is a critical component that can solve the problem and ensure that your marketing campaigns and content have the right distribution channels specific to your consumers.

That’s why Datahash gives you Google Analytics 360 training where you can learn the basics as well as high-level module implementations.

Datahash will weave the training program specifically for your business needs so you can implement what you learn and make informed marketing decisions that drive real business results.

Highlights: Key Takeaways from our Training:

Know the basics of Analytics

Learn how Cross-Device Tracking works

Apply Best Practices for Clean Data

Advanced Analytics with GA360

Data-Driven Attribution

Getting started with BigQuery

Why Choose Datahash Trainings

Tailor-made training modulesCreated with Sketch.

Tailor-made training modules

Every organization & every team under that organization has different requirements from an analytics tool. Our team creates a customized training module based on which line of business from your organization is going to be attending our training

Hands-on Training Created with Sketch.

Hands-on Training

We believe in teaching with real business use cases and data points specific to your business which enables your team to put our Google Analytics training into action and gain expertise with practice.

Outcome-Driven FocusCreated with Sketch.

Outcome-Driven Focus

This training will help you understand your online goals and strategy. Which Google Analytics features are useful to you and how stakeholders in your organization can benefit from this tool

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