Leverage the Power of Click-stream data!

The success of a digital product i.e. a website or a mobile app depends on the effectiveness of its content layout. The benefits of web analytics are limited to quantitative stats like website visits, bounce rates, average time spent and other trackable actions performed on a site. The heatmap analysis goes a step further by studying user behavior and tracking the engaging points on your website.

Our heatmap analysis hosted on Google Cloud Platform offers visual, page-level representations of every single action that a user performs on a given page of your website. It provides an opportunity to study user behavior towards the content on your website. It helps you identify what attracts the users and which section is more popular than others. The visualization helps to take quick decisions on making website improvements by optimizing the web content.

What can you achieve with Heatmaps?

Understand Actual User Behavior

Minimize Your Implementation Efforts

Effective Decision Making

Revenue Optimization

How do our Heatmaps add value?

Multiple types of heatmapsCreated with Sketch.

Multiple types of heatmaps

We represent the data in multiple forms like the Heatmaps, Scroll maps, and Click Maps to know what draws visitors’ attention, how much does a visitor scroll and how visitors interact with page elements.

Page-level Representation Created with Sketch.

Page-level Representation

We analyze every single action performed by a user performs on a given page of your website to produce in-depth and meticulous insights for each page.

CTR AnalysisCreated with Sketch.

CTR Analysis

We analyze the Click Through Rate of each call-to-action button and events on the given page of the website to map user engagement.

User ScrollsCreated with Sketch.

User Scrolls

Our scroll maps analyze how far users are willing to scroll to find what they’re looking for. This helps you to measure the relevance of your content to the user.

Highlight on popular sectionsCreated with Sketch.

Highlight on popular sections

The popular sections are highlighted through a visual overlay of cold colors (less engaging) and warm colors (more engaging) based on users’ click coordinates and the user’s attention.

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