Give Credit Where it’s Due

With ‘n’ number of choices, channels, and types of customers, it is hard to know exactly where or how to focus your marketing efforts. While it is important to know the right customers to target, it’s more important to know how to target them at the right moment in their buying journey.

We, at Datahash, built the Feature Attribution analytics on Google Cloud Platform to provide a systematic, data-driven attribution method of analyzing the use of various websites and mobile app features. We attribute parameters like Conversions & Revenue to these features to measure success. This will help you uncover the touchpoints that a customer interacted with before making a purchase so you can determine the features of that drive the customers towards

What makes our Feature Attribution Unique?

Based on Markov Chain statistical model

Has a feature relevance matrix

Provides removal effect report of features

Recommends possibilities of Optimization in the user journey

How will Feature Attribution Analysis benefit your business?

Understand Features that aid ConversionsCreated with Sketch.

Understand Features that aid Conversions

Get data-driven analysis to understand the importance of the features and call-to-actions of your website or mobile app. Redirect your marketing efforts towards them to maximize conversions.

Design Data-driven ExperiencesCreated with Sketch.

Design Data-driven Experiences

Rely on accurate data rather than judgments and design trends to design web and mobile experience that drives conversions and boost sales.

Optimize Poor Performing FeaturesCreated with Sketch.

Optimize Poor Performing Features

Identify features that are poorly performing and affect your conversion rate. Reduce user abandonment by focusing on the features and call-to-actions that perform well.

Optimize Your UICreated with Sketch.

Optimize Your UI

Add or remove the user interface elements that don’t boost conversions. Optimize the experience by focusing on the right call-to-action at the right places.

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