Challenges Faced:


It was the festive season and time for a burst. The client already had a well-optimized campaign history. This time, they wanted to allocate a significant chunk into display ads via Display & Video 360.

The goal was to maintain a good ROAS than the current campaigns while keeping the CPC consistent for dormant and new users.

With absolutely no campaign history on the DV 360 platform, scaling or optimizing the campaign was a massive ask in itself. Additionally, the campaign duration was tight, with just seven days. It means very little breathing space to optimize the campaigns. On top of it, the bidding competitiveness maxes out during the festive season, making the task even more daunting and exciting at the same time.

Our Approach to Solution 

After going back to the drawing board, we planned the budget allocation for both campaigns – prospective customers/new users and the retargeting pool. For remarketing, we exported relevant 1st party audience from Analytics 360 e.g., who had visited specific product detail pages or clicked on promotional banners of the product categories. For new users, we selected relevant Google Audiences (such as In-market & Affinity segments) coupled with the product categories from the Audiences module of DV 360. To optimize further, we excluded audiences that had transacted in the last 30 days to streamline ad spends.

And the Results? 
  • Achieved ROAS – 5.6x vs. Expected ROAS  of 3x
  • 38% Lower CPC

Client Domain


About the Client

The client is one of the leading e-commerce company that allows consumers to shop from over 100k registered sellers. This client differentiates itself with attractive discounts & other offers and has gained a wider acceptance with a strong network of vendors and about 70+ Million active monthly users.

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