Is your Google Analytics in the pink of health?

It’s time for an in-depth Google Analytics health check-up today!

Are you squeezing the best out of your Google Analytics dashboard? If you have the slightest of doubts, it’s time for an audit. At Datahash, we are proud of our expertise in honing the Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

You know, the smallest of tweaks can make the biggest differences. You can go through our case study section to see how tuning Google Analytics and Tag Manager in specific ways has made significant differences for our clients.

Let’s try this. Give us a chance to conduct a free demo audit for you and see for yourself the difference it can make!

Google Analytics Audit In a Nutshell

Accuracy in Data CollectionCreated with Sketch.

Accuracy in Data Collection

Our scientific methodology helps you identify the shortcomings of your data collection using a defined 15-point parameter set. By mapping each of these against set benchmarks, we are able to pin-point the exact problems.

User Tracking RecommendationsCreated with Sketch.

User Tracking Recommendations

According to our 15-point parameter set, we scientifically figure out the missed opportunities to track consumers. By mapping these against set benchmarks, we’re able to give concrete recommendations on corrections to our clients.

Google Analytics Application Created with Sketch.

Google Analytics Application

Through exhaustive and conclusive audits, we identify the exact problems and suggest relevant solutions. These solutions can be as simple as tweaking the data collection methods and suggesting solutions that impact tangible business metrics.

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